Maciej Filipczuk        - violin
Zbigniew Łowżył       - piano
Michał Żak                  - clarinet, flutes, shawms

guest :
Robert Siwak              - drums

The music of LAUTARI is a modern ethno-jazz rooted in the tradition of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe and Caucasus. Folk motifs played on piano, violin, clarinet and flutes, due to bold arrangements and a great dose of improvisation, create an original and fine music in which tradition encounters modernity. LAUTARI draws its inspiration from the music and attitudes of the Gypsy Lautars, the virtuosi of "Gypsy jazz" improvisation. In LAUTARI's compositions can also be heard the oriental ornaments, the subtlety of Byzantine music, the rhythms of the Balkans, and Slavic vigor.

Lautari has been awarded the following prizes:
1. Folkowy Fonogram Roku 2002 (CD Muzica Lautareasca Nova
    - 2nd prize winner)
2. Festiwal Nowa Tradycja 2001 (2nd prize winner)
3. Scena Otwarta Festiwalu Mikołajki Folkowe 2000
    (3rd prize winner)

Maciej Filipczuk

Founder of Lautari music group, violinist, traveler. He has cooperated with Orkiestra p.w. ¦w. Mikołaja (MC: The Music of the Mountains), the groups Hojra, Harom Jó Barát, Labusznik, Hałas Trio, Kapela Dom Tańca. Poznań and Teatr Pie¶ń Kozła. He is a part of a project called Podróżny Kolektyw Skrzypcowy (The Travelling Violinists Team). In addition, he is a co-founder of Transkapela. As part of the "Arche Vivum" project he has been awarded a scholarship by the Polish Ministry of Culture. He is a disciple of violinist Kazimierz Meto from Glina, Mazovia. In search of musical inspiration, he travels as frequently as possible to Romania, Georgia, Albania, Armenia, Hungary, Ukraine and Lithuania, where he listens to and plays with performers of traditional music. Among his many folk-related interests are the cultures and music of the Romanian Gypsies and the Ashkenazi Jews, as well as polyphonic church music.

Zbigniew Łowżył

A composer, pianist, and drum-player. An absolvent and long-term lecturer of Academy of Music in Poznań, Poland. A composer of modern, jazz, film and theatre music. An exponent of modern music, a founder and a member of many bands Maiden Voyage, DrumMachina, Bracia Karamazow duo, Poznań Percussion Band. An author, director, and active member of many cultural events which combine different kinds of music and art. For a few years he has been conducting an independent Rhythm and Pulse studio-laboratory. A laureate of the "Medal of Young Art", and the winner of the first prize of Speaker of Pomorskie Province for the best theatre music ("Antygona" 1999). At the moment he concurrently works on a triptych "The Symphony of Gardens", which first part "Code" had a premiere in May 2003.

Michał Żak
(wooden flutes, clarinet, bombarde and folk wind instruments)

Michał has long been involved in folk music performance. Among his other achievements, is the foundation of Bal Kuzest and Tredrez, two groups that perform Breton folk music. He is also the leader of a chamber trio Len. He cooperates with Teatr Strefa Ciszy and music groups Kairos and Dekameron . In order to enrich his knowledge and improve his mastery of the music he plays, he regularly visits Celtic Britanny, where he takes part in numerous workshops for wind instrumentalists, practices under the supervision of Breton masters of the flute and bombarde, and enjoys local festivals of traditional arts and culture. Michał is also fascinated by the traditional music of the Middle East and the Balkans.

Robert Siwak
(drums: derbouka, daf, zarb, bendir)

Robert Siwak graduated from Warsaw Musical Academy, in the class of percussion. Since 1990 he has been specializing in Arab and Persian drums. He has performed at all the important musical festivals in Poland and played in most European countries and in Japan. He has recorded over twenty albums for Polish and foreign recording companies. Some of those albums were nominated as candidates to Polish phonographic award Fryderyk and one was granted the prize. He is a member of many groups (from early music, folk, ethno, jazz and rock, to contemporary music) and he is also co-operating with such groups as: Dekameron, Ars Nova, Camerata Cracovia, Open Folk, DesOrient, Trapezfik, Ensemble Antequera.

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