The project "Searching the Azaran Bird" was the result of our fascination with the Byzantine music. In that world influences from different lands-Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria-all melt in one pot and various musical systems and ethos, such as traditional, ritual, dance, classic, and sacral music amalgamate into one integrity.

We travel to places marked with Eastern history, we meet musicians with whom we play together and talk. We visit medieval temples, and admire Byzantine frescos, icons, and decorated manuscipts.

All those experiences make an unusual and truly Byzantine mosaic in which oriental ornaments, subtlety of Caucasus music, Balkan rhythms, and Slavic vividness can all be heard.

The result of the project is the CD Azaran (Samograj, Poznan 2006) recorded by Maciej Filipczuk (violin), Zbigniew Łowżyl (piano), Michal Żak (flutes, clarinet, shawms), and Robert Siwak (drums). The music places itself within ethno-jazz style and consists of author's compositions and contemporary elaborations of traditional motifs. Lautari sets out for a mythical journey and refer to the story of immemorial quest for freedom, happiness, and beauty.

Both the project and the CD AZARAN are accompanied by a Caucasian fairy-tale "Azaran-the Bird of a Thousand Trills" which tells a story of a bird whose singing brings the dead land back to life. The poeticized version of the tale was written by our friend Grzegorz Żak and is as follows:

When Azaran sang-everything blossomed.
Stones are not to be given to those who beg for bread.
"May fortune turn away from this unworthy land!"
Only Azaran-the Bird of a Thousand Trills can undo the spell.
"Let's rush!"-shouted the brothers and Alo-Dyn-a hero unaware of his power.

To know a man one has to be his fellow traveler.
To know oneself-one has to follow the road
by which the red, white, and black Dews are waiting.
A Dew will have you as a guest at dusk, and kill you at dawn.
But you are Alo-Dyn, a pure-hearted lad.

Alo-Dyn reached the miraculous Azaran.
He reached the height, but there was still the depth ahead of him, and the well, like a Land of Darkness.

Hardened by misfortune like iron in fire,
he remained himself. Forgave. Gave away everything,
he had-for in his simplicity he felt,
that what he gave, would be his, and what he kept, would be lost.

And then Alo-Dyn was reborn, and he married a woman and a land.
Alo-Dyn the prince!-people shouted, but they did not drown Azaran's singing.

For when Azaran sang, everything blossomed.

Poem by Grzegorz Zak based on an Armenian tale "Azaran-- the Bird of a Thousand Trills" (tale translated into Polish by W.Gajewski)

The site was prepared using the cover of CD "AZARAN" designed by M. Dmitruk